FINERA is a digital solutions company, wholly owned by Beicip-Franlab Asia. We work closely with energy companies, private and government sectors to bring in extensive additional value through our service portfolio of digital & consulting solutions in the E&P sector including block & asset promotion strategy, training services for oil and gas courses, access to published technical papers and FINERA’s proprietary online portal for oil and gas acreage map, MyAcreage.

As companies navigate their ways transitioning to energy systems, new software and technologies, FINERA is created to support companies by leveraging innovative technologies and data driven ideas to further drive their world class potential. We stand with the vision of being the one-stop centre of petroleum knowledge catering to the petroleum fraternity.

Lead by industrial experts with years of global experience
E&P Focused and Reliable Information
Accessible and Affordable Oil and Gas Training Services (Virtual and Classroom)