Asia CCS Dialogue 2024-11 2

About ASIA CCS Dialogue 2024

The Asia Farm-In Forum 2024 is anticipated to be the foremost academic and professional gathering dedicated to asset promotion, investment negotiation, and technical due diligence within Asia's burgeoning energy sector. This forum is meticulously designed to function as the definitive platform for stakeholders, facilitating a comprehensive exploration of the latest investment opportunities and catalyzing capital inflow into the region. Participants will engage in rigorous discussions on critical topics such as agreements, investment strategies, production sharing contracts, and Discovered Resource Opportunities (DRO) within the Asia Pacific’s exploration and production landscape. 

The forum is expected to attract a diverse cohort of attendees, including governmental representatives, industry leaders, and key figures from financial institutions, thus ensuring a rich exchange of knowledge and expertise. By convening these varied perspectives, the Asia Farm-In Forum 2024 aims to foster a deeper understanding of the multifaceted energy market and promote the development of innovative strategies and partnerships. This event stands as an unparalleled opportunity for academics, professionals, and policymakers to gain invaluable insights, forge strategic alliances, and contribute to the advancement of the energy sector within a highly competitive global market.