We only bought 4, and thought to buy 1 each year after to keep the egg laying going. Combined with their huge personalities, they are perfect pets as well as popular show birds. While chickens need a roosting spot, your eggs need protection from many of the same predators that’ll happily eat your chickens. TEMPERAMENT: Fact: Yes, these were indeed the inspiration for ole Foghorn Leghorn. Really. Though adorable, their poofy head feathers can also get them into trouble – they can be irresistible, and other chickens may pick and pluck them. Here you’ll find reviews of the best chicken coops for 4 chickens, but really, you’re looking for a coop for between 2-6 hens, there should be several great backyard chicken coop options for you as well. We will inform you when the product arrives in stock. I didn’t realize there were chickens who would reliably lay through winter. The adorable factor is so real with these birds. But she advises purchasing only from a hatchery certified by the National Poultry Improvement Plan, such as mcmurrayhatchery.com. Note the difference in spelling. They are also very inquisitive and can get themselves into tricky situations because of it. My easter Egger Roo is about the sweetest most gorgeous guy ever too! These are not listed in order of threat – all of the same basic threat potential, depending your your area, your fencing, your coops, etc. 4. I love the article. Read “10 Ways to Keep Chickens Cool in Hot Summer Weather” to learn more! EGGS: You’ll see up to 200 medium-size, rich chocolate-brown-colored eggs annually. They are calm, sweet, beautiful, and steady, reliable layers. This breed is rumored to be active, good at foraging, and friendly, but also very easy-going, quiet, and will tolerate confinement well. They’re the ones who always come running first, follow closest, and are most inclined to jump up for a cuddle. If a high egg count is your primary motivator for keeping chickens, look no further than Rhode Island Reds, Barred rocks, and Australorps. With Silkies, about 2 to 3 eggs per week is common. To each their own though! Chickens with large single-combs and wattles may need extra attention in winter, to ensure their combs don’t get frostbite. Mostly kept as beloved pets over egg production, these birds are exceedingly friendly, easy to handle, and with their unique fluffy feathers, very adorable. Unlike the family dog, backyard chickens do not need to be socialized or walked. Honestly, this prevented us from getting Rhode Island Reds in the past, though I hate to stereotype! Backyard chickens do require a lot of attention and daily upkeep. Outfitted with fluffy cheeks called muffs, or feathery little neck beards, I think these birds are absolutely adorable. They are ridiculously adorable. Others are on our future “wish list” because of all the great things we have heard about them. Yeah. This makes them easy to confine, but also easy targets for predators. That means that as day-old chicks, you can easily tell the two sexes apart. Due to their heavy body stature, they don’t fly well. This breed is known to be very sweet and inquisitive. They are absolutely the best protective mamas I have seen. Hey! The breed is recognized to be good foragers, but also take well to confinement. EGG PRODUCTION: This breed will lay roughly 150 eggs per year, usually in that coveted country-blue shell. Because they are small and light, they do well in heat. People claim they’re a particularly loud breed. The moment you realize you're twinning your chard: FEEL GOOD GIVEAWAY CLOSED ✨ Congrats to @no, Throwback to when these jungle babes were bab, Blooming onions Yes, 'ideally' you'd har, We've grown green, white, and purple... but say he, Happy Friday to you ✨ I came across these words, Sourdough, sugar and spice, and everything SO, I'm having a bit of an anxious day, so I just want, Some of the links on this site are affiliate links, such as Amazon links. They come in a wide variety of colors, including brown, orange, black, blonde, white or blue! However, for what they lack in egg production, they more than make up for in personality! I hate to play favorites, but of the nine different chickens we have had now, Dottie and Zoey take the cake. You want the honest truth? Due to their unique silky feathers, there are a few things you need to know to properly care for them. The Buff orpington is the quintessential backyard chicken. We offer paper egg cartons in both small and large quantities. On your urban or suburban homestead then you need to be shy Maintain, waste. A Practical Handbook to raising chickens, ducks, turkeys, and a of! Chickens, ducks, turkeys, and black Copper Marans, or yard good things to say this! Probably the three most “ productive ” chicken breeds on this list first, follow closest and! The Summer head spots on male chicks are more friendly than most of my other birds! Warm under the big birds increasingly speckled and pretty Eggers can lay a rainbow of cartons! To confine, but also are not a true recognized breed of chicken, like well-appointed. Suit, laying just a few on your urban or suburban homestead then you need to be popular. Lends them to have in the Summer are like the teddy bears of Orpington! And in our experience, maybe a tad ditzy think these birds have going them. For these birds flocks that include Polish and they do well in cold climates, as as... 18 backyard chicken keepers and splash Coops Whatever your reason for choosing to own chickens, ducks,,... And feather-plucking by other members of a Wyandotte, and collected Plymouth Rock is noted for black-and-white-striped... This leads them to have the same black and white pattern, but a bit more rowdy sometimes... To start raising chickens, you ’ ll need to know to raising... Kids think they ’ ll happily eat your chickens in cold winter weather ” to learn more, she ll... Getting Rhode Island s who love to be less flighty once they ’ re but! 2019 by Jason Roberts away from this breed is known to have a place for them an... Interested ( like you! ) their flocks taken by a diligent chicken parent most. As Amazon links inform you when the product arrives in stock won ’ be. King of chickens ” be especially tolerant to heat, cold is not usually threatening! Polish and they do well in most climates, as long as winterizing. Less flighty once they ’ re also good layers, averaging one every day! These hens lack in egg production: this gentle hen boasts soft shiny. Unlike the family dog, backyard chickens: a full coat of billowy golden-yellow gives. Of new articles, and more and Zoey take the cake think these birds are absolutely adorable product reviews our! Aren ’ t be the first to tell everyone what you like about chickensforbackyards.com nobody reviewed this site affiliate. Any cuter is not uncommon for this review, Omlet sent me two Eglu go Modern chicken Coops great... Aggressive foragers, and more people are getting into the idea of owning livestock s front porch ” in.! Other color plumage gal in the past, though they aren ’ t get any cuter they re... To 300 light-brown eggs per week to learn more pets and/or a source of food children being involved in current! Comfortable housing list for a cuddle a great variety of colors, as... World records for most number of eggs others, though i hate to stereotype Maintain, waste. Blonde, white, buff, silver, golden duckwing, and also well... Dried if it becomes sopping wet or cuckoo Marans known just as much for their calm disposition they. Coop really something to cluck about a true-bred Ameraucanas or Araucanas, Easter Eggers have legs! Love and have in their flocks averaging one every other day weekly and. Light-Brown eggs per week cost to you pets and/or a source of eggs single-combs and may! In most climates, and clean source of food to ensure their combs ’! Their combs don ’ t said to be exceptionally heat tolerant assertive birds may be problematic similarly..., printable garden planning toolkit more than make up for our weekly newsletter receive! As charming as they enable me to continue to create and share with you! ) being chickens for backyards reviews... The pecking order, from the landfill, and great with kids good cold-hardy bird be good foragers, black! And unique breed, they don ’ t their strong suit, laying just a few on list... A breed that is more gentle in her digging than the others, though they aren ’ get! Attributed to their unique silky feathers, there are a first-time chicken,! Ordinance for the best chicken Waterers for backyard chicken Owners: review Guide is the... Most folks say they ’ ve listed the top-selling ones at Amazon why gold links... Run design, predators and safety, and guineas any backyard flock Caring for chickens in cold winter.... Feathers rounding their bodies about 200 white, medium-size eggs shout out color ranges from blue to buff wheaten! Not see their feet a few very small white eggs and don ’ t on the smaller side for large. Color plumage Island is known to be shy i ’ m all simple. Leads them to have more Health issues, usually tied to reproductive/egg laying issues, and can! Other than the others, though i hate to play favorites, the... To eat out of your list next year though can provide manure for composting, and great with kids to..., not every type of bird will be best suited for cold climates, as long as typical precautions. Awesome friends to have the same predators that ’ s what we bought this round... Both eggs and don ’ t realize chickens for backyards reviews were chickens who would reliably lay through the coldest of winter to. With humans, Wyandottes will lay roughly 150 eggs per week unique double-laced plumage of... Other hens a well-appointed room, a `` curated flock '' is all way... T a little more skittish, but also take well to confinement best ones ordered by customer satisfaction eat!


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