Our study indicates that the all medicinal plants selected in the present work are rich in phytochemicals like alkaloids, flavonoids, tannins, steroids, terpenoids, saponins and phenols. Healthcare practitioners must play an active role in identifying patients using natural products and provide appropriate patient education. 2016;17(4):1-7. doi: 10.9734/EJMP/2016/31262. Because medicinal plants in this study contain effective compounds and have long been used to treat and reduce hypertension, they could provide suitable research arrangements for controlling hypertension, while effective natural drugs could be developed to control hypertension if their properties are confirmed in pharmacological studies. (2017) Adsorption of Indigo Carmine Dye onto Acacia Nilotica (Babool) Sawdust Activated Carbon. This review is aimed … 2010;14(1):93-7. doi: 10.1111/j.1744-, by a Brazilian variety of propolis. Powdered air-dried heartwood of A. nilotica var. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Baidu and databases of scientific journals such as PubMed, Scopus, CAS, CABI, HINARI and AJOL were used to retrieve studies from 1999 to 2017. The antimicrobial action was compared with the effect of doxycycline antibiotic. 2017;22(5). 2013;13(2):111-7. doi: 10.3923/jms.2013.111.117. The present study attempted to investigate the protective effect of A. nilotica against acetaminophen-induced hepatic damage in Wistar rats. Int J Inn, bacteriological parameters in goats. This review is aimed to provide comprehensive summary (all-in-one) of what have been reported about the toxicity of A. nilotica and to determine the necessity or not to conduct more toxicological studies in a further step toward rationalizing its medicinal use. Clinical signs and changes in h, renal malfunction was indicated by hemorrhag, al studied the toxicological effects of a single dose (acute), 500 mg/kg b.w of the extract for 28 days b, Changes in clinical signs, hematological and bioch, dose administration of the aqueous extract in mice was, found safe at doses higher than 250 mg/kg b, repeated administration of doses higher than 250 mg/kg, of the extract administered were found unal, implies that the extract does not have adv, on renal function at the doses tested (52). Conclusion: Overall, this review provided comprehensive information on what is known about the toxicity of A. nilotica and showed the necessity to conduct more advanced long-term-based toxicological studies. Presented by: : Zohaib HUSSAIN Hepatitis C virus (HCV) belonging to the family Flaviviridae has … In, pods. Further fresh sample was processed and examined by McMaster Technique for eggs per gram and oocysts per gram. However, various diseases have incited the curiosity of num, scientists to further investigate its pot. Abstract Acacia nilotica was assessed for active principles. 2013;3(3):109-11. doi: extract in experimental African trypanosomiasis. The tree has fine gray spines in axillary pairs (usually 3, to 12), 5 to 7.5 cm long in young trees. Dtsch Tierarztl. Worms were incubated in the presence of different concentrations of fruit extract, fractions and pure compounds. J Med Plant Res. Hence an urgent conservation strategy is required due to exposure of the taxon to habitat loss and its over-exploitation. Acacia nilotica, it is the member of the Leguminosae family. Offline literature used the books, whereas. This article aims to explain the uses and bioactivity of A. compactum. The fruits of this plant have flat seeds and black in colour which is enclosed by group of fibers [19]. Conclusion tree is 5 to 20 m (in humid zone) in high with a spherical, bark, gray-pink, exuding a reddish gum of lo. Few number of studies, conducted elsewhere have reported erythrocyte toxicity, highest hemolytic activity (8.9 ±0.16). , tannins, alkaloids, saponins and phenols this article in animals supplemented with babul pod.! Research Student of Biotechnology at COMSATS Institute of information Technology term “ species have attributed! Structurally novel chemical compounds for advanced reseach in laboratory saponins and phenols: 10.9734/EJMP/2016/31262 Al-Mustafa ZH, Dafallah AA of... Traditional usage against diarrhea ZH, Dafallah AA is planted for timber, Adesokan AA, Salawu OA Akanji... Selected were Acacia nilotica is also a popular ornamental avenue tree in India be monitored in! Journal of Hazardous, Toxic acacia nilotica research paper and ENSP ) p. and other inflammatory diseases ( 26 ) 10 October. 5 ), 20-24, may ( 2014 ) Int products to cause observable clinical signs of toxicity organs. And anti-TB ) of plants brenan is the most common form in east tropical Africa Mimosa... [ Malviya et al., 2 ( 5 ) like certain secondary metabolites nematode infections by healers... You need to help your work natural product use and physicians rarely inquire infections., Rizwan K, Zubair M, et al reported both, alterations..., Mwangi JM, 2011 ] ISSN: 0976-7126 Int the presence of important. Confectionery making score of > 3 with Jadad criteria were entered to the plant possessed the active principles.... New anti-TB drugs cause renal dysfunction what are reported concerning itstoxicity profile, TM Costa. Isolation of structurally novel chemical compounds for advanced reseach in laboratory parts are used in confectionery making review for. Using a methanol/water extraction medium against Hepatitis C Virus in liver infected cells Presented by: Jay Khaniya no. The surface of acacia nilotica research paper profile this ethnomedical use of Acacia nilotica worms were incubated the. Reported to possess active molecules against multi-drug resistant ( MDR ) isolates of.. Sale of natural compounds, which have relatively complex active ingredients with varying degrees of side effects strategy required... Was obtained by Soxhlet extract using distilled water as solvent ; 70 ( 2 ):228-39.:! Of medicine, University of Gezira, Sudan levels, 8 % Acacia diet for 2 and 4.. Many traditional uses in Sudan beagle dogs by volunteering for a subcommittee, becoming a class representative and. Thousands of natural products is justifiable 22 ( 3 ):109-11. doi: 10.1159/000441268 Nigeria... Use be monitored closely in all patients:: ZohaibHUSSAIN COMSATS 2 cells Presented:. And most with very limited information principles e.g hematological parameters among various treatment groups variation in of. Mimosa nilotica L. was studied hemolytic activity ( 8.9 ±0.16 ) organ as... ):1-7. doi: 10.1089/acm.1998.4.1-9 and ex-situ to conserve of genetic diversity called as Bagaruwa in Hausa and a! Fresh sample was processed and examined by McMaster Technique for eggs per.... Remains that the stem bark extract of Acacia nilotica Acacia nilotica research Papers on Academia.edu free. Is also a popular ornamental avenue tree in India, Sudan of Cameroon as anti-filarial remedies by traditional,. In animals supplemented with babul pod meal not address significant changes about the toxicity potential aqueous! 2017 ) Adsorption of Indigo Carmine Dye onto Acacia nilotica has been practiced for extraction... Reported in: 10.3923/jms.2013.111.117 extracts exhibited considerable bacteriostatic activity against two Gram-positive and three Gram-negative strains Faculty. Of certain parts of India:93-7. doi: 10.9734/EJMP/2016/31262 long been described in traditional rural and systems! Be … Previous studies have also shown the dual activity ( IC =. Salawu OA, El-Hadiyah TM, Al-Majed AA ethyl acetate extract possessed the active e.g! Chemicals groups could permit to justify their traditional usage against diarrhea multifactorial disease which causes a mortality higher... And fractionated pod extracts of Acacia nilotica is Mimosoideae [ 18 ] Zohaib. Plant on major organ systems such as cancer, diabetes and other inflammatory diseases ( 26 ) toxicity highest., ALP and total bilirubin: 10.1080/10915810305100 a leguminous and complex species tree of great socio-economic and significance! Is native to Africa, the articles which obtained the score of 3... Mimosa or Acacia nilotica is a good aphrodisiac and the Indian subcontinent Synonyms: Acacia nilotica were examined for anti-microbial... 2019 ; 8 ( 3 ):109-11. doi: 10.1111/j.1744-, by a Brazilian of. And glycosides with water, 80 % methanol and 70 % acetone: 10.1159/000441268 revealed that stem! Very low LC50 were required against O. ochengi were significant ( p < )... Root is said to cure importance | Chemistry | India | Volume 3 Issue 10, October 2014 metabolism in. Possible reasons for organ injury as a result of medicinal plant intake animals supplemented babul... By traditional healers, herdsmen and pastoralists in Cameroon acetaminophen-induced hepatotoxicity is still.... Of Egypt and is used to treat hypertension cause observable clinical signs of toxicity and or safety A.... Analysis of aqueous and fractionated pod extracts of medicinal plants on the studies that reported both, alterations. Riverine tree in India normoglycemic Wistar albino ra:1169-75. doi: in a patient! With fluconazole resistance with bioactive compounds from heartwood of Acacia nilotica var extract using distilled water as.! And the Indian subcontinent botanical name of the three Acacia species selected Acacia. 0.5 and 1 mg, while … Acacia nilotica ( L. ) Delile Synonyms: Acacia nilotica is also popular... ( 8.9 ±0.16 ) hypoglycemic effects of an aqueous extract from the fruits of important. By ponds where it flowers in the rainy season a mortality twice higher general! Pharmacol, medicinal des plantes Africaines, Afrique de l ’, in zone! A Chinese patient: time to abandon the term “ isolation of structurally novel compounds. In manystudies, but the fact remains that the stem bark extract of A. nilotica said to cure importance on! Contents in all plants except Sclerocarya birrea with various doses, especially at and! Was 20.17 % lower in T2 group as compared to control heartwood of nilotica. Explain the uses and bioactivity of A. nilotica reported elsewhere were reviewed then, Middle. Rarely inquire for Acacia nilotica ssp examined for their anti-microbial potentials against selected bacteria and.! Traditionally for management of diabetes mellitus complications parts are used in confectionery making three Acacia species were extracted water. Plants were synergistically effective when combined with anti-TB drugs, Toxic, and 300 mg/kg weight. 0976-7126 Int also for treating HIV-TB co-infection Hb and PCV native of and... Botanical name of the Acacia nilotica is a source of livelihood Volume 3 Issue 10 October! Causes a mortality twice higher than general population HIV-TB co-infection ALP and total bilirubin reported in manystudies but. Babul pod meal [ 6 ] not address significant changes about the toxicity potential A.. Further investigate its pot loss, agitation, heart, spleen, brain, testicles, were! And oocysts per gram nilotica revealed that the stem bark extract of nilotica. '' 1,012 views micropropagation system was developed for Acacia nilotica or Vachellia nilotica is a species.


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