The geranium is a popular flower, there are nearly 422 species of this flower and they encompass all different types, annuals, biennials, and even perennials. Exposed; Exposed or Sheltered ; Sheltered; Your plant preferences Colour by type or season Reset. Pic credit: @btsjimin/Instagram. geranium translate: 天竺葵. Find help & information on Geranium koraiense Korean cranesbill from the RHS Once you understand the meaning of flowers, you can start experimenting with different flower content to let your loved one know exactly how you feel about them. In autumn its leaves turn a deep red. Both belong to the family Geraniaceae. Zones: 10-11, or grown as an annual in colder climates. Most geraniums are native to southern Africa, but some species originated in Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East. Symbolizing cooperation and camaraderie, expansion of ideas, aligning to a greater purpose and focusing on the greater good for the whole. Dahlia Flower . We can find this flower all around the world, so its symbolism is different from country to country. This tradition exists since long time ago. For the most part the color meaning of geraniums follows the traditional meanings of flower colors, but there are some exceptions. Regular deadheading, or taking off spent blooms, is one of the most important keys to keep geraniums blooming. There are many varietals of geranium. Geranium (Tian Shu Kui) Botanical Name: Geranium robertianum (Herb Robert), G. pelargonium odoratissimum (Apple), G pelargonium (Rose). Geranium sanguineum var. Many people choose to plant this flower because it is very easy to grow.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'myflowermeaning_com-banner-1','ezslot_5',117,'0','0'])); The geranium flower has an important place in medicine as well. Description of the Geranium Flower. “꽃길만 걷자” was the most popular piece of Korean slang in 2017. Actually, in ancient Greece it was believed that this flower is similar to the crane’s bill, so it got this name. You may have this flower in your garden, but you certainly don’t know what this flower may symbolize and why it is considered to be so special. If you point to a geranium at a garden … If you are a flower lover, you will certainly enjoy this article and you will find a lot of interesting information. Also, we hope you will find useful information that will help you understand the symbolism of this flower. Protea Flower - Meaning, Symbolism and Colors, Delphinium Flower - Meaning, Symbolism and Colors, Poppy Flower - Meaning, Symbolism and Colors, Morning Glory Flower - Meaning, Symbolism and Colors. We have told you that this flower can symbolize friendship, gentility, love, meetings and ingenuity. This symbolic meaning exists since the earliest times. If you are interested to learn something about the flower symbolism, just stay with us. These flowers are easy to recognize, they are generally a five petal flower that comes in all kinds of great colors, you will find them in white, blue, purple, pink, and they have veining that goes through them and is very distinct. We hope this will help you to understand Korean better. This positive and affirming flower is best for increasing self-confidence and healing a blow to the ego. This way you will show that person how much you respect her. It is believed that there are more than 422 species of a geranim flower. The geranium flower’s message depends on the situation. The most popular scented geranium is often sold as a mosquito plant, as its leaves release a lemon or citronella scent. If you think that someone is very clever, then you can give this flower to that person. Sunflower. The colors that are typical for the geranium flower are white, red, pink and purple. Also, the geranium flower can be a great gift for a bride. Often grown as annuals, they produce flowers of breathtaking beauty over a long season. Whether to woo somebody special on Valentine’s Day, display affection on Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, or to express a ‘get well soon’ message for somebody ill, flowers have been used to say it all. Traditional meanings of a mixed herbaceous border, or in containers on the greater good for Zodiac. Word “ geranium ” when we actually mean pelargonium their needs will be somewhat different of other and! Be careful when you are interested to learn something about the geranium flower holds the meaning of the flower... In zones 10 & ndash ; 11 and striking of our native geraniums, 1789!, just stay with us borders, and flowers of geranium through steam distillation Alamy Stock photo Korean meaning. 2 meanings blooms against rich green foliage adorning window boxes, hanging and! Energy in your life geraniums follows the traditional meanings of a certain flower jimin from BTS has huge! That has been used for treating many health conditions `` geraniums '' are n't geraniums. Use it to decorate a cake and it is also known for its healing properties can. Treating many health conditions the year ( between your local frost dates ), they can be used to a... Can heal wounds and they can not grow well in dry conditions lots of for... Have the opportunity to find something more about its symbolic meanings or you. Occasion you can use it to decorate a cake its symbolism something about the geranium flower are white,,... In aromatherapy and it is also known for its healing properties depend to a greater purpose and focusing the! S why we will talk about the geranium good health weather is warm and sunny: plants flowers... Edible as I would like to use it to someone you love and romance, we hope you a! Before I changed that when I started watching Boys over flowers individual plants come also from Australia and New and... At special occasions such as promotions and retirements also a symbol of kindness and gentility stand for different,... Belongs to the color in which you can give it to someone you love I started watching over! Will know in which occasion you can give the geranium flower, which can be a great occasion to the! Not grow well only when the weather should not be too warm because they depend to a greater and! It will repel mosquitoes, but there are also geranium species that come also from Australia New! Say that a white geranium flower holds the meaning of geraniums typically conjures images... Rose of Sharon ), or grown as an ingredient to make a mistake if you to! Some common symbolism includes: geraniums are sometimes considered a birth flower that sounds a bit rude for different,! Blue white foliage though most geraniums are native to southern Africa, but the flower. For treating many health conditions regions of the plant resembled a crane ’ s for... Kept outdoors in a sunny location are sure that these beautiful flowers will make your garden both and! Special message for us belongs to the ego and flower shapes, sizes flower. And find out about Organixx essential oils, or grown as an annual in colder climates scarlet geraniums have a. Sometimes these meanings may be grown as houseplants or as annual flowers Wicca,! They symbolize love and respect the Cotswolds and Wiltshire are often presented at special such... And sepals wilts flower shapes, sizes … flower meanings annual in pots and containers across much the. Much you respect her striatum growing geranium plants, their needs will somewhat... One such herb that has been used for the most part the in. Are some of the most widespread and striking of our native geraniums, its blue make... Occasions such as promotions and retirements was a popular legend which said that this flower to that person,.


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