The best solution is for Tivo to implement enough of the HDMI-CEC spec to keep the TV from deciding to change the receiver's input. I works fine. 4 days of use and HDMI shits itself quotemsg=15834359,0,1981092]WOW! I've been using my new UN49KS8000 TV since Christmas with nothing attached to the inputs but a PS4. Same thing happened to our 42inch LG TV (model 42LE5400) yesterday (May 9, 2015). [add another LG TV to the list with HDMI no signal failure. 6. LG TVs with Netcast. If following above steps did not solve the issue, reset the TV by unplugging it from the wall outlet or power bar. It may be a faulty Volume Up button that is the cause of the problem. And you will have to add another cable to get audio from the TV to the receiver. At the Last. All HDMI inputs just stopped working and they now say "No Signal". You can disable HDMI-CEC. 5. Wait for 30 seconds before plugging in the TV power cord. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I cannot change anything with remote or TV controls. This can't be a coincidence. Check that POWER SAVER/ENERGY SAVE MODE is set to OFF. After that, you found your LG tv keeps turning off then you can contact the LG Customer Support for resolving the LG tv shut off issue or LG tv keeps turning off issue. NOTE: Some troubleshooting steps may be different from your (Samsung, SONY, LG, Hisense, TCL, VIZIO) TV or remote control but generally will work the same to fix the problem. So appearantly people like me with Samsung TV's and some LG's have this problem. Also no sound. How do I fix it and what parts do I need to complete the job? Some TVs will turn the screen off but still play the sound if no movement is detected in the room. You should be able to identify whether your TV has Netcast or webOS based on the screenshots provided. It simply shouldn't change input sources unless you specifically choose this with your remote. Check your LG Tv’s cache memory. If this doesn't work, try... - Mitsubishi Television Note : If the TV is turning on by itself, then set the On Time to Off. Edit: TV Model seems to be: LG 42LC7D-UB I'm having an issue with an LG LCD TV where the menu keeps popping up sporadically and disappearing shortly after it comes up, this is going on constantly and I can't stand it, I've done a little bit of research and people have been saying that with this issue the main board has to be replaced inside of the TV by LG. I have a Phillips 50" TV Model number 50P8342 that changes sources automatically. Power button flashes constantly. One way to test to see if it's the remote would be to turn the TV and sound bar on, set the input to the optical in that is connected to your TV, and then take the batteries out of the remote; if the input … Picture is good when it is not flipping from source to source. Make sure Home Mode is selected. On your remote, press the Settings or Menu button. I can be watching TV and my TV randomly changes to the switch input even when it's just in sleep mode for no reason. 1. Turn on the TV. But that will also disable ARC. 4. Push the Home button on your remote. Select Options, then Mode Setting. If Your LG TV’s cache memory is overloaded then clear it. LG smart tv falsely detects new input connection by Lohmub Jan 30, 2015 9:59PM PST Randomly the TV will pop up a prompt saying that it detected a connection on the AV input … However, after adding a new Nintendo Switch, the "input source" message keeps popping up randomly when I'm using the PS4. Both versions of the software are covered here. LG TVs with webOS. Hi @ martyhoh, You don't state the model number of your TV but have you tried operating/releasing the Volume Up button on the TV itself (if it has one) to see if this clears the volume level indicator. FIX TV SCREEN THAT RANDOMLY GOES BLACK.


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