Mega Gargants are the largest class of Ork Gargants, colossal Titan-class machines of war that the Ork race considers effigies to their Gods Gork and Mork. This blog is dedicated to my Ork army and all things that are Orky. I also gave it the Ramshackle Monster rule to represent the crazy nature of Ork construction. Enjoy, B.W.B. The Gargant is a source of great pride for the Ork Warboss who owns one as it shows both his great richness in Teef (the Ork currency, and quite literally Ork. Da Art of Waaagh! Critical Hit Effect See Datasheet Steam Gargant WE 15cm 4+ 4+ 4+ 0-2 x Soopaguns 60cm 2BP, MW Reinforced Armour, Fearless, 0-2 Mega-choppa (base contact) Assault Wpn, MW, +1A, TK(D3) Walker DC4, Fist of Gork 45cm MW5+/AA5+ Critical Hit Effect See Datasheet. Da Art of Waaagh! Popular Posts. Find great deals for RARE Vintage Warhammer Epic 40k Ork Great Gargant Figure OOP. 1 Overview; 2 Known Mega Gargants; 3 Images; 4 See Also; 5 Sources; Overview. Ork Mega Gargant. Contents. I've never been a huge fan of the landa, but this does some convincing..! On this blog you will find, Army Lists, Fan Data-Sheets, Tactics, Ork & Vehicle Photos, Ork Terrain Photos, WIP Photos, My Army Background, Battle Reports and Reviews etc.. Gargants have a special weapon location known as a “belly gun”, which houses either a Gut Buster mega-cannon or a Snapper close assault. your own Pins on Pinterest GREAT GARGANT. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. Reply Delete. Genres we cover include board games, fantasy, and science fiction. Replies. Ork Mek Boss Buzzgob (Forge World): A Big Mek with better BS, Wounds, A, and LD. Eavy Landa Datasheet. All it needs are a few rules, so at long last here they are! WS:4 BS:2 S:10 ARMOR 14/13/13 I:1 A:2 HP:24. Reply. 2500 Points. Jan 24, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Nuno Costa. Labels: Da Art of Waaagh. Great Gargant Datasheet After a few delays, the Mighty Great Gargant (brought to you by Peter over at In The Grim Cheapness of the Future) is ready to hit the battlefield. So I got to writing a new datasheet using the BoLS sheet as a basis and several of the rules from Imperial Armour 8 I added the Repair Krew rules and tweaked it to be a little better due to the size of the Great Gargant. 3 comments: Porky 29 January 2011 at 01:00. Shop … Ork Landa Datasheet Posted by Blighty Waaagh Boys at 22:40. Trade properties we cover include Warhammer 40k, Star Wars Legion, X-Wing, Armada, Desitny, Star Trek, Forge World, X-Men, Age of Sigmar, Gundam Wing, Horus Heresy, Dragonball Z. SIEGEMASTERS REFERENCE SHEET STRATEGY RATING 2 INITIATIVE 2+ NAME TYPE SPEED ARMOUR CC FF WEAPONS RANGE … Discover (and save!) No wargear options, but he comes with a Kustom Force Field and Mek Arms as an alternate melee weapon (they hit 3 times per attack, but have no S modifier and no AP), and he has two Grot Oilers accompanying him for twice as many repairs boosts/ablative wounds. Please feel free to leave comments, ideas and cool links. Daily coverage of the tabletop wargaming industry feature breaking news, and in-depth breakdowns for the hobbyist and competitve player alike. Dwarfing even Great Gargants, Mega Gargants rival the size of an Imperial Imperator Titan, bristling with enormous guns, … Reactions: Email This BlogThis! Unit: 1 Great Gargant Type: Super Heavy Walker. Blighty Waaagh Boys 31 January 2011 at 19:43.


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