setTimeout( Thanks so much for stopping by! From my knowledge, stretching will increase chance for injury if done before exercise, as muscle activation is compromised for 1 hour after stretching. If you are having problems with the soleus I would go ahead and do them again after the run as well. At first, I told her to warm up her legs and then stretch her calves with the runners stretch (pictured left) before running, thinking that she was either not warming up adequately or not stretching enough. The second requires the foot to be dorsiflexed (top of foot pulled back toward you) and supported by a wall or step with the knee bent. Thanks I am having an issue with a deep cramp in one calf. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, I Generally Instruct Patients to Stretch the Soleus Muscle in 1 of 3 Ways. should I do these stretches before or after I run? Below are a few articles for you to peruse if you wish discussing static stretching and its effects on muscle activation, etc. With a self-massage you can relieve tensions and trigger points and thus free yourself from pain triggered by this muscle. function() { Your email address will not be published. Calf pain may be a sign of a more serious problem, such as a blood clot (DVT- Deep Vein Thrombosis). I was there for moral support and to take a few photos for proof! })(120000); The third is seated with a pillow or roll placed under your knee (to keep the knee flexed) with a strap pulling the foot  into dorsiflexion or back towards you (see below to find great deals on foam rolls and stretching straps). This is a case where I could see the muscle action becoming somewhat compromised with stretch (in an unstable joint). So glad this helped you Joe! If you are experiencing near constant pain, redness, warmth, and/or swelling in the calf please seek medical attention. The good news is, if you do the following massage techniques and calf stretches regularly, you'll be on your way to releasing tension and relieving pain ASAP. Breathe normally and through your nose to further improve the blood circulation to the muscles. ); I always recommend patients warm up the muscles before stretching as cold muscles don’t stretch well. Required fields are marked *. The first is similar to the runners stretch, but the back knee is bent instead of straight. Keeping heel on floor, turned slightly out, lean into wall until stretch is felt in lower calf. The second requires the foot to be dorsiflexed (top of foot pulled back toward you) and supported … It arises from the posterior head of the fibula and down about a quarter of its shaft. Practicing our toe, ankle, soleus and gastrocnemius stretches will bring improvements that will enable this muscle groups to work harder and longer throughout the day, without consequences. That way the muscle is ready to go on that run. If there is a joint instability that the tight muscle is protecting then of course I would not recommend stretching it until the joint is more stabilized. The soleus is a little known muscle in the leg that can cause calf pain, especially in runners. I have an issue called fibula related equinus and am led to believe that the soleus muscle is too tight and almost rod like . While at the gym she decided that if she was going to work out regularly, she might as well work towards a goal. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. However, the next day I had an epiphany– the Soleus! Have you or someone you know ever experience an issue with the soleus muscle? How to Strengthen the Soleus Muscle. timeout Please reload the CAPTCHA. Bent-knee Standing Soleus Stretch Most runners are familiar with the standard standing calf stretch with one leg behind the other and leaving forward until you feel the stretch in the back of the calf of the back leg. }. I am keen to add soleus stretch to my regular exercise programme because I am keen to run my first Marathon in 2014. If you ever find yourself with this type of pain or want to prevent it you might benefit from this very specific stretch! var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_80"); However, if he/she has recently suffered an ankle sprain or other injury to the lower leg, remind him/her to consult with a physician before deeply stretching the soleus. If the knee remains straight the gastroc will be the primary muscle stretched. Get 20% off foam rollers (excellent aid for soleus stretches), Yoga straps are great for stretching the soleus muscle. Soleus stretches should be done slowly and carefully. The soleus acts to hold your leg firmly on your foot when you are standing. Stretching and exercising can dislodge the blood clot and allow it to travel to other areas of the body causing serious problems that can become life threatening. Thanks for reading! It arises from the posterior head of the fibula and down about a quarter of its shaft. 0 The website shall not be liable for any loss injury or damage allegedly arising from any information or suggestion mentioned on the site. It’s best to do stretches after you warm up, so maybe do a few jumping jacks or a short walk first. So, I called her back and explained how to stretch the soleus. The ideas procedures and suggestions shown on the website are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician. Because the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles pass behind the ankle joint, a limitation in the length of the muscles results in limited dorsiflexion ROM. By placing the knee in a little bit of flexion you can take the larger and stronger gastroc, which attaches above the knee, out of the picture and allow just the soleus, which attaches below the knee, to stretch. The following stretches help to stretch the soleus muscle in different body positions: Stand with right foot back, both knees bent. What is Physiotherapy and what are its types, Pectoral stretch with shoulder external rotation, Shoulder external rotation stretch at the doorway, IT band stretch in half kneeling position, Plantar Fascia Stretches - Five stretches for plantar fascia, Exercises for Sciatic pain from Piriformis Syndrome, Isometric shoulder abduction exercise with bent elbow, Isometric shoulder strengthening exercise into extension self. This also helps reduce soreness and alleviates pain. An adequate fitness program will incorporate stretching because it increases flexibility, improves circulation and range of motion, and reduces muscle stress. In general, stretches performed with the bend knee focus on the soleus muscle, while stretches done with knee straightened focus on the gastrocnemius muscle. Relevant anatomy: The soleus muscle and the gastrocnemius muscle are plantar flexors, which means they bend the foot back. The stretches should be held atleast 30 seconds and repeated 2-3 times (no bouncing either!).


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